Super Peptides No Problem Intensive Care Ampoule Serum


Brand: Teana

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Skin Concerns: Acne Blemishes Oiliness Wrinkles Stressed Skin

Active Ingredients: Lipacide C8G Sepitonic M3 3D-Hyaluronic Acid Laminixyl IS Neomatrix Survixyl IS Chronogen

Size: 10x2ml/0.07oz

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Active ingredients: Lipacide C8G, Sepitonic M3, 3D-Hyaluronic Acid, Laminixyl IS, Neomatrix, Survixyl IS, Chronogen.

Super Peptides is the latest achievements in cosmetology in a convenient format for a real result without invasive intervention.

The ultra-effective peptide complexes support the beauty and health of the skin, and also allow you to adjust certain of its condition.

All serums of the series are created on the basis of a 3D-hyaluronic acid gel, which, thanks to molecules of different molecular weights, serves as a powerful conductor of active components deep into the skin.

Active components are selected according to the principle of synergy and act purposefully on the problem, restoring and improving the texture of the skin and the complexion.

Ampoules made of pharmaceutical glass can reliably keep the product fresh and effective, and mono-dosage is a modern solution for easy and quick skin care at home.

The effect of professional salon treatments you get right at home!

Super Peptides No Problem Intensive Care Serum is designed for intensive care for the skin prone to acne - provides deep penetration of active ingredients into the skin, helps to reduce the growth of bacteria that cause acne, and controls the production of sebum. It makes the skin more clean and calm.

Active ingredients of the serum restore the acid layer of the skin and reduce oiliness, improve 1) cellular respiration and intercellular communication, increasing ATP synthesis, protecting the skin from stress, pollution and aging and 2) the integrity and functions of the skin by strengthening the dermo-epidermal compound. They remodel extracellular matrix and reduce wrinkles, being a technology for optimizing and protecting your own epidermal stem cell pool for skin self-rejuvenation. The ingredients enhance the expression of clock genes in the skin to protect against UV damage during the day and improve the regeneration of skin cells at night.

  • Fights acne
  • Eliminates the problem of greasy sheen
  • Soothes the skin, making its texture more even

Directions: Apply the serum to the clean, dry skin in the morning and evening, wait until absorbed. Then apply your day or night cream.

Each ampoule is designed for 2-4 applications. The recommended course is 10 days.

Ingredients: аqua, lipacide (capryloyl glycine), chronogen (butylene glycol, tetrapeptide-26), sodium hyaluronate, sepitonic M3 (magnesium aspartate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate), laminixyl (heptapeptide-8), neomatrix (glycerin, sh-pentapeptide-6 sp), survixyl IS (pentapeptide-31), optiphen bd (benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid) .


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