Lifting Face Tapes


Brand: Teana

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Skin Concerns: Fine Lines/Wrinkles Sagging Skin Nasolabial Folds

Active Ingredients: Cotton Polyurethane Acrylic

Size: 35 pieces (7x5 pcs)

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What are tapes?

By elasticity, tapes are close to the natural properties of the skin, therefore they are physiological and comfortable to use. They are made of special high-quality cotton that allows the skin to breathe, with a special hypoallergenic adhesive layer.

How it works?

Tapes fix in a certain position facial muscles and skin, eliminating overstrain and improving lymphatic drainage. The effect occurs on the skin, subcutaneous fat, ligaments and muscles. With regular use, muscle and cellular memory is triggered. The skin and muscles “remember” the desired state and remain in it even after the procedure.

As a result, wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, the skin is tightened!

Specially adapted forms of Lifting Tapes are for using on the most pronounced wrinkles: frown lines/wrinkles between eyebrows - nasolabial folds - crow's feet.

Lifting Face Tapes:

  • Technology coming from professional sports
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Relax muscles
  • Set for 7 days
  • Easy to use

Directions: Use tapes on clean, dry skin. Gently smooth wrinkles with your fingers. Using tape, fix the skin in the desired position. Leave for 1-2 hours or all night. Carefully remove the tape with wet fingers.

Ingredients: cotton, polyurethane, acrylic

35 pieces (7х5 pcs)

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